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What’s Up Next

Open to all member clubs and students. Make 2021 your make-up year over 202. Call Master Bruno to see if you qualify for ranking up!

Scheduled for spring, 2021


Spring 2021

Weapons Disarm Seminar

Everyone wants to know how to disarm the bad guys. Bad guys like to use bats, knives, guns and more. This summer we will be having a 2 and 1/2 hour Saturday seminar that will go over all the techniques taught in our Krav Maga system up to black belt level used to perform disarms on all these various weapons. Cost will be $79 for members of  The World Martial Arts United Professionals and will be $139 for non-members. Participants must also have martial arts experience and must be approved by Chief Master Bruno.
Call 352-861-5425 for questions or to sign up by phone.


Summer Fall 2021

Krav Maga has taken the martial arts world by storm and every studio should have a program in place to offer their students who wish to learn some great self defense moves without having to go through years of training in a traditional martial art.

We have been training students and instructors in our North American Self Defense System for over 8 years in the Central Florida Area.

With our system, you will learn all the moves and techniques in hand to hand as well as numerous weapons disarms, all in a great systemized presentation that you will be able to efficiently and easily offer your students.

With over 40 years of teaching and training, Master Bruno can give you a fantastic well thought out and clear program that includes how to teach, how to test and how to deliver your daily curriculum. Give him a call for more information on how to add this program to your school. Don't let them travel to another studio to learn this most popular method of self defense. 352-861-5425. Don't wait.

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Upcoming, we anticipate testing a group into First Degree and higher Black Belts into WMAUP and Kukkiwon certification.
If interested, please contact us to see if you meet the criteria and what you will need to do in order to test. Please contact Chief Master Bruno for more information right away. 352-861-5425


Spring 2021

Krav Maga Instructor Training

Is your school ready to add a street wise self defense system?
We have  a program that you can be trained in and offer to your students that will give them real time knowledge in how to defend themselves with the same type of hand to hand combat used by the FBI, the Israeli IDF, and local law enforcement.

Great way to make income for your school. Certification will be acquired thru the North American Self Defense System. Call 352-861-5425

Black Belt Testing

Alpha Team

Self Defense

WMAUP Black Belt Test Cover Sheet May 20
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